Anua Green Lemon Vita C Blemish Serum 20ml

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Size: 20ml
Meet your new source of essential Vitamin C with the Anua Green Lemon Vita C Blemish Serum - your reliable solution for delivering the power of Vitamin C to your precious skin. Unveil radiant skin with a potent blend of naturally sourced Green Lemon (56%) and pure Vitamin C (20% ascorbic acid).
Elevate your skincare routine with this serum's unique vita-barrier capsules. Crafted with Panthenol, Glutathione, and Bisabolol, these capsules facilitate the seamless delivery of water-soluble vitamins through the skin's protective barrier.
Experience the transformative effects as freckles and blemishes visibly fade away, courtesy of Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid, alongside the Vitamin C. Unlock the secret to youthful skin as this serum not only brightens your complexion but also diminishes the appearance of wrinkles.
Alpha-Bisabolol and Adenosine join forces to deliver unparalleled anti-aging results and diminish redness and irritation, providing relief to individuals afflicted by rosacea, rashes, and other related conditions.
For optimal freshness and efficacy, remember to store the serum in your refrigerator at temperatures between 3°C and 10°C after opening.
Elevate your skincare regimen with the Anua Green Lemon Vita C
Blemish Serum and unveil a revitalized version of yourself.