Anua Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner

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Size: 40ml
Meet the highly acclaimed Anua Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner, a rejuvenating toner enriched with 77% Houttuynia Cordata Extract. Designed to cater to sensitive skin, this moisturizing toner offers exceptional protection against external irritants. It has garnered widespread recognition for its remarkable benefits, particularly for those with acne-prone and sensitive skin conditions, including redness, purulent acne, comedonal acne, and hormonal acne triggered by environmental factors like UV rays, fine dust, pollution, pore-clogging skincare products, and hormonal fluctuations.
This toner has received awards from Olive Young, HwaHae, Allure, Glowpick, and Naver Shopping for more than 3 consecutive years.

With a gentle, sub-acidic formula maintaining a skin-friendly pH level of 5.5 to 6, it effectively balances the skin's oil-moisture levels. The toner incorporates 11 types of EWG Green Grade ingredients, ensuring compatibility with all skin types. Additionally, a carefully chosen selection of mild components helps to address textural concerns commonly associated with troubled skin types.

Other notable ingredients
  • Panthenol - decreases trans-epidermal water loss.
  • Portulaca Oleracea Extract -  a succulent plant used in Korean traditional herbal medicine (Hanbang), to care for wounds and inflammation. It is abundant in omega fatty acids.
  • Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract - a natural moisturiser that reduces photodamage. 
  • Apple Fruit Extract - high in antioxidants, flavonoids, and phenolic compounds, apples help guard the skin from oxidative stress (free radical damage).

Our top tip!: Add some of this toner to your go-to facial cream or oil as part of your evening skincare routine to recover skin redness and skin fatigue overnight.

This toner is Vegan certified.