AXIS-Y Biome Double Defense Sunscreen 50ml

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Meet the brand NEW AXIS-Y Biome Double Defense Sunscreen, the latest reliable sunscreen from the brand that brought you the TikTok trending Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum! A chemical sunscreen with creamy texture leaves a smooth and transparent finish.

This reliable, skin-strengthening sunscreen offers consistent protection from harmful UV rays throughout the entire year. It incorporates a unique Special Biome Blend, shielding the skin barrier from the damaging effects of UV rays that impair skin health. This skin-health prioritizing formula features Cranberry extract, an eco-friendly upcycling ingredient containing over 95% purified bio-peptides extracted from cranberries, which contribute to enhancing skin elasticity.

The water-based formula of the sunscreen promotes improved moisture retention, while the brightening and wrinkle-improving functional ingredients (Kombucha and Galactomyces) work to maintain a clear and resilient complexion, safeguarding against the development of fine lines caused by UV exposure.

This lightweight daily sunscreen glides on effortlessly, leaving no white residue and imparting a supple texture to the skin, without any sticky sensations.

SPF50+ PA++++.