AXIS-Y LHA Peel & Fill Pore Balancing Cream

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This will be the latest addition to your skincare regimen for acne-prone skin! The LHA Peel & Fill Pore Balancing Cream is a remarkable cream designed to balance your skin and care for your pores. It contains LHA, a mildly acidic ingredient that effectively eliminates dead skin cells, the primary culprits for clogged pores.

What's great is that it does so without causing any skin irritation or compromising the skin's protective barrier. By incorporating this cream into your daily routine, you can enjoy rejuvenated and smooth skin as it promotes the skin turnover cycle.

LHA is perfect for gentle daily chemical exfoliation, even for those with sensitive skin. It gently removes dead skin cells from the outer surface without irritation. This low pH (5.5) cream also shields skin against UV damage, aids in collagen formation, and effectively combats acne-causing bacteria, contributing to a clearer complexion.

The cream employs ACZERO™, an innovative patented ingredient that harnesses the power of plant extracts. ACZERO™ actively works to prevent and control excessive sebum production, ensuring optimal results. The cream additionally incorporates various plant extracts that aid in enhancing the deepened pores, while the "Desert Relief Complex" moisturizes the skin and provides essential nourishment.

For the best outcome, pair this cream with the Axis-y Calamine Pore Control Capsule Serum. Together, they form a dynamic duo to address your skincare needs.