Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Sun Serum 50ml

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TikTok and Instagram trending K-beauty brand, Beauty of Joseon, are back again with another sunscreen made with beauty lovers in mind! This is the 3rd sunscreen from Beauty of Joseon to grace our selection of Hanbang inspired skincare at K Beauty Shine.

The newly released BOJ Ginseng Moist Sun Serum, is the ultimate daily sunscreen that combines moisturization and sun protection for a truly radiant complexion. This innovative serum formula goes beyond the ordinary, providing a moist and fresh finish without causing makeup smudging or peeling. Say goodbye to white casts and stickiness that often plague traditional sunscreens!

One of the standout features of this serum is its texture. It effortlessly glides onto the skin, lightly absorbing to create a smooth and supple canvas. No more heavy, greasy layers that suffocate your skin. Instead, experience a weightless sensation that allows your skin to breathe.

The secret behind the exceptional performance of the Ginseng Moist Sun Serum (SPF 50+ PA++++) lies in its Clear-Fence capsule formula. The UV-blocking filter and potent active ingredients are expertly blended with a surfactant-free serum base, ensuring even distribution and optimal absorption into the skin. This unique formulation not only shields your skin from harmful UV rays but also imparts much-needed moisture and nourishment, promoting healthier-looking skin.

At the heart of this remarkable Sun Serum is the star ingredient, Ginseng Extract. With a remarkable concentration of 30%, this precious botanical extract is rich in saponins, known for their anti-aging and skin-rejuvenating properties. Ginseng Extract works harmoniously with another powerhouse ingredient, Niacinamide, to enhance the overall benefits of this sunscreen serum. Niacinamide helps to brighten the complexion, improve skin texture, and even out skin tone, leaving you with a luminous and youthful glow that isn't uncomfortable on oily and combination skin types.

With the Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Moist Sun Serum, you can confidently step out into the sun knowing that your skin is protected and nourished. Say hello to a sunscreen that effortlessly blends into your skincare routine, leaving you with a fresh, dewy finish. Experience the transformative power of ginseng and embrace a healthier, more radiant complexion everyday.