Beauty of Joseon Radiance Cleansing Balm 100ml

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The Radiance Cleansing Balm from Beauty of Joseon has been reformulated to exclude potential irritants such as artificial fragrances and colours, essential oils, and more. A very soft cleansing balm that gently melts away makeup, excess sebum and skin impurities without irritating or drying out skin.

Enriched with natural hanbang (traditional Korean herbal medicine) ingredients, the balm also offers a variety of benefits that go beyond just cleansing. Nutrient-rich rice water and fermented grains help skin retain moisture and offer brightening benefits, while chrysanthemum extract, which contains vitamins A and B, protects skin and soothes sensitive skin.

Suitable for all skin types, but can be especially helpful for those with dull, dry, or sensitive complexions.

Cruelty-free & Vegan