Round Lab 1025 Dokdo Cleanser 150ml

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Commence your skincare routine with the dense, abundant foam produced by the Round Lab 1025 Dokdo Cleanser - a mildly acidic, low pH (5.0-6.0) daily facial foam cleanser with skin-purifying qualities and the ability to regulate skin's oil and water balance.


  • Purifying, fine dust removal
  • Locks in moisture
  • Provides soothing care, unscented
  • Helps to achieve clearer and brighter skin
  • Provides gentle exfoliation without harsh particles 
  • Perfect for sensitive, combo, oily, and dehydrated (imbalanced) skin types.
This gentle cleanser won the hearts of beauty lovers in South Korea, subsequently receiving prestigious awards for the likes of Unpa and Hwahae - leading consumer beauty award apps in Korea - in the facial cleansing category. For consecutive years following the release of the Round Lab 1025 Dokdo Cleanser, this foam cleanser has received praise, recognition and high ratings for its competency in tackling the thorough removal of fine dust impurities from skin without making skin feel dehydrated or tight from moisture deprivation.  

  • Small Molecule Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid - pumps up hydration, leading to dewy and smooth skin.
  • Ceramide NP - fortifies the natural lipid barrier of skin, thus strengthening the moisture barrier against dryness which is one of the primary causes of premature aging. Ceramides also help with keeping skin balanced. 

Fine dust and common air pollutants are a major cause of upset and unhealthy skin effected by dehydration and breakouts all over the World: especially in crowded cities and locations effected by congested public transportation routes. Therefore it is paramount that your daily water-based cleanser - used as a second cleanser in the evening - serves are more than just a way to cleanse away makeup residue, excess sebum, and remaining traces of sunscreen after using an oil cleanser. The 1025 Dokdo Cleanser for Round Lab is the leading foam cleanser for addressing the effects of fine dust pollution on skin by deeply cleansing skin whilst simultaneously providing supplementary NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factors) to skin.