Round Lab Soybean Nourishing Toner 300ml

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Achieve firmer skin simply with the milky texture of the Round Lab Soybean Nourishing Toner: the one to have at hand if your skin if thirsty for hydration. This everyday skin-thirst quenching toner is the perfect match to soothe dry skin and to reduce the appearance of fine lines with the supply of essential skin-supporting vitamins and nutrients including Vitamins A and E, and Omega-3 fatty acids sourced for Soybeans harvested for the Jeongseon - an area of Korea with expertise in agriculture and horticulture.  

Extracts harvested from Yakkong Soybeans in particular have been used to formulate this toner as they hold 19.5 times more Anthocyanins and Isoflavones than the most common Soybean. These attributes of the Yakkong Soybean primarily aid in skin rejuvenation, skin protection and strengthening, in addition to firming sagging skin for effective wrinkle and fine line refinement. 


This toner has a low pH level which closely resembles skin's natural pH scale to sustain a healthy level of oil and hydration balance from the surface layer of skin and deeper. This toner is also fragrance-free to support Adenosine in soothing and calming skin. As well as being unscented to be gentler on delicate skin types and allow skin's moisture barrier to function in optimal condition, this toner additionally contains Ceramide NP to reinforce skin's natural lipid barrier with its outstanding ability to conserve moisture balance.

With its milky texture this toner supplies more moisture that a typical watery toner, which is highly beneficial for dehydrated skin which lacks smoothness, suppleness and that much desired "bounce" to skin. This toner may be very nourishing but it is not be be mistaken as heavy or greasy. On the contrary, dry and dehydrated skin practically drinks up this toner; its also easy to layer too if desired.